The Three largest banks in United Kingdom


The United Kingdom has a great banking history that dates back to 17th century. Current banking system of this country is a product of continuous development and evolution through centuries! There are many banks operating in United Kingdom, you can find some interesting facts about the 5 largest banks of country below,

1) Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank was founded in 1690, hence its one of the oldest surviving bank in the world and 10th largest bank on globe in terms of total assets. This bank is offering almost every kind of banking and financial services for its customer’s including,

  • retail
  • wholesale
  • credit cards
  • mortgage lending
  • investment banking
  • wealth management

London based Barclays bank has became a giant multinational bank with having its operation in 50+ countries and more than 48 Million customer base. Barclays Bank held assets of around £1.3 Trillion and earned a declared a net income of £1.297 billion.
Barclay’s group has a history of sponsoring many well know sport events, like Barclays Premier League and Barclays Asia Trophy.

2) HSBC Bank (formerly midland bank)

HSBC bank is a subsidiary of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC). This is the second largest bank of world in terms of assets and first largest in United Kingdom. With market capitalization of £102.7 billion HSBC is second largest company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Following are some of the major areas in which HSBC Bank operates,

  • private banking
  • personal finance
  • consumer finance
  • commercial banking
  • corporate and investment banking

As we mentioned above HSBC is the world second largest bank with operations in 85 countries and 9500 offices across the globe. HSBC have more than 85000 direct employees.

3) Lloyds Bank

Lloyds bank is one of the largest banks in United Kingdom with having more than 1300 branches across England &, founded back in 1765, it’s also one of the oldest bank in world. Lloyds bank is generally considered as one out of “big four” clearing banks in country. Being one of the largest banks, Lloyd bank is providing complete range of banking and financial services including,

  • Loans
  • Insurance
  • Mortgages
  • Credit Cards
  • Investments
  • Travel services
  • Saving accounts
  • Current Account

Lloyds bank is also a multinational bank with having settled operations in more than 30 countries and territories across the globe.